The Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) is the only member-based organization in Canada whose goal is to promote and advance the development of small business and entrepreneurship. Run by a volunteer Board of Directors, CCSBE works to create a network of academics, practitioners, and policy influencers who are interested in discussing and sharing best practices and research in the field.

Le Conseil canadien pour les PME et l’entrepreneuriat (CCPME) est la seule organisation canadienne basée sur l’adhésion des membres dont le but est de promouvoir et de favoriser le développement des petites entreprises et de l’entrepreneuriat. Dirigé par un conseil d’administration où siègent des bénévoles, le CCPME cherche à mettre en place un réseau de protagonistes influents issus des milieux universitaire, civique et politique intéressés à échanger sur les pratiques exemplaires et les recherches qu’ils effectuent sur le terrain.

CCSBE Mission Statement

Providing a collaborative marketplace for the exchange of ideas, research and best practices among academics, practitioners and policy influencers for the benefit of Canadian small business and entrepreneurship.

Procurer un espace public collaboratif entre les protagonistes influents issus des milieux universitaire, civique et politique qui souhaitent échanger sur leurs idées, leurs recherches et leurs pratiques exemplaires au profit des petites entreprises et des entrepreneurs du Canada.

Message from the President

Welcome to the new and improved CCSBE Website!

Over the past few months we have been working hard to revamp our website and ensure it suits the mission of the organization – to connect and provide resources to academics, researchers, practitioners and policy makers of the Canadian entrepreneurship industry.

New to the website is the CCSBE Blog – where we will feature the latest relevant news and events that impact our members. We encourage you to email us if you have any news you would like us to share. Additionally, we are happy to publish a quarterly newsletter that highlight the activities for the organization and our partners. Email us if you would like to subscribe so you can stay engaged in the organization!

We look forward to continuing to serve our members as best we can and welcome any feedback or suggestions you have on the new website and CCSBE activities.

Sandra Altner


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