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CCSBE 2020 will be virtual!

Call For Papers, Workshops and Panel Sessions:

• Paper Abstracts or Workshop proposal submissions due: August 18th, 2020

• Full paper or final abstract due: September 6th, 2020

• Early bird conference registration ends: September 12th, 2020

• Conference Date: October 16-17th

NOTICE OF CCSBE's 2019 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Wednesday, November 20, 2019

The 2019 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING of the CCSBE will be held on Wednesday, November 20, 2019 from 4:30pm to 5:30 pm AST (3:30 pm EST)  @ Ryerson University, Toronto (Digital Media Zone, Fishbowl Room) for the purpose of presenting the financial statements, and election of Directors. 
CCSBE Annual General Meeting
Date: Nov 20, 2019
Time: 4:30- 5:30 PM AST (Halifax time)
Zoom Meeting ID: 820 227 510Password: 466691

CCSBE at the the Diversity Inclusion Now Conference

Creating Inclusive Workplace in Canada: Join us for two exciting panel discussions

Date: November 20th, 2019

Location: Oakham House, 63 Gould St,Toronto, ON, Ryerson University

Panel #1: Networks to Support Diverse Women Entrepreneurs (1:00pm-2:00pm)

  • Elise Ahenkorah​,​Programs and Partnership Lead – Hunter Hub for Entrepreneurial Thinking’s WELab, University of Calgary; Founder of #SheMeets
  • Megann Willson​,​Partner and CEO – PANOPTIKA and CCSBE Board Member
  • Despina Zanganas​,​Co-Founder – Lean in Canada
  • Paulina Cameron, CEO, Forum for Women Entrepreneurs
  • Alison Kirkland, CEO, Women’s Enterprise Organizations of Canada


  • Dr. Mary Kilfoi​l,​President – Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE), Founder – Innovate Atlantic Inc

Panel #2: Unlocking Resources Women Entrepreneurs Need (2:00pm-3:00pm)

Access to finance is one of the major barriers to women’s entrepreneurship. This panel session will highlight best practices established to financially support women entrepreneurs as they grow and scale their businesses.

  • Chioma Ifeanyi-Okoro, Founder, My African Corner
  • Nouhaila Chelkhaoui, Founder, Scale Without Borders
  • Brooke Gordon, Senior Advisor, Women Entrepreneurs, Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Danielle Graham, Principal- Dream Maker Ventures
  • Shannon MacDonald, Managing Director, Accenture
  • Amanda Munday, Founder and CEO – The Workaround


  • Dr. Mary Kilfoi​l, ​President – Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE), Founder – Innovate Atlantic Inc. 


We Remember. Our Deepest Sympathy On The Passing Raymond Kao

Back in 1979, Raymond Kao was one of the founders of the CCSBE-CCPME, then known as ICSB-CIPE Canada, which was the first ICSB subsidiary and activity outside the United States. Raymond was its president for many years, and was also the founder and then the editor of the Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (JSBE). In addition, he organized many national and international entrepreneurship conferences. He was one of the pioneers of entrepreneurship education, both in Canada and abroad, and often went against the current of the dominant academic cultures in the period 1970 to 1990. For many of us, Raymond became a mentor. It was a privilege for me to be able to meet with him at Ryerson Polytechnic in Toronto, in the 1980s, to ask him for advice. Raymond had an outstanding and deeply-held understanding and culture of entrepreneurship. He also developed imaginative teaching strategies, including the extra-curricular program he set up at Ryerson, in which students were able to counsel MSMEs in what became a win-win process for everyone involved.

Thank you, Raymond, for all your advice.

Your memory will live on in our hearts. Sincere sympathies to the family.

Nous nous souvenons. Notre profonde sympathie au passage de Raymond Kao

Raymond Kao a été un des fondateurs du CCSBE –CCPME, en 1979, alors appelé ICSB-CIPE Canada, la première filiale d’ICSB et la première activité d’ICSB-CIPE à l’extérieur des É-U. Raymond a été président d’ICSB-CIPE Canada pendant de nombreuses années. Il a été le fondateur puis éditeur du Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (JSBE). Il a organisé plusieurs colloques nationaux et internationaux en entrepreneuriat. Raymond Kao a été un des pionniers de l’éducation à l’entrepreneuriat au Canada et ailleurs dans le monde, allant souvent à contre-courant des cultures universitaires dominantes des années 1970 -1990. Raymond a été un mentor pour plusieurs d’entre nous. C’est avec respect que je suis allé le rencontrer à Ryerson Polytechnique à Toronto au cours des années 1980 pour lui demander conseils. Raymond avait intégré au plus profond de lui-même une culture et une compréhension exceptionnelle de ce qu’est l’entrepreneuriat. Il avait développé des stratégies pédagogiques imaginatives pour en faciliter l’apprentissage. Par exemple, le programme para-scolaire qu’il avait mis sur pied à Ryerson au cours duquel les étudiants agissaient comme conseillers auprès des MPME offrait un processus gagnant-gagnant pour tous les acteurs impliqués.

Merci encore Raymond pour tous tes conseils.

Ta mémoire vivra éternellement au fond de nos cœurs. Sympathies sincères aux membres de sa famille.

Louis Jacques Filion

Professeur émérite

Emeritus Professor

HEC Montreal

A Message from the President

Four years ago, if someone told me I would be stepping into the role of Presidency for the Canadian Council of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE), I would have asked them what were they thinking? However, as the stars have lined up, and circumstances have played out, serendipity has been at play. I can honestly say that it is an absolute honour to serve in this role and follow in the footsteps of the leaders of this organization who had the foresight to recognize issues that were as relevant then as they are now, to the progress of small business and entrepreneurship across the country.

While CCSBE is rebuilding as an organization, in many ways, this challenge could not come at a better time. We are at a moment in time where the promotion of entrepreneurship, startups and small business is at the fore in Canadian public policy both federally and provincially and has become more prominent in our post-secondary education institutions.

If there was ever a time for CCSBE to be relevant and have impact it is now. Momentum is building. The federal government’s Innovation Agenda is committed to fostering an entrepreneurial and creative society, building skills, attracting top global talent, leveraging Canada’s diversity, creating and nurturing internationally recognized knowledge-based industrial clusters and making Canada a global innovation leader. The federal government initiatives have provided increased support for innovation and entrepreneurship, support for incubators, accelerators, support for clusters with a continued focus on growing and encouraging Canadian companies to pursue exports, and continued support of the Regional Development Agencies to make strategic investments in key regions.

Entrepreneurship has also become a hallmark of education in Canada’s post-secondary institutions. I continue to be impressed with the enormous movement of entrepreneurship across campuses. It now permeates almost every discipline. The entrepreneurial imperative has spread across campuses in many dimensions – from curriculum, to support programs, to outreach, to university-wide programs. Entrepreneurship educators have been leading the education domain in many other practical and meaningful ways – ranging from engaging our business communities in the learning process to experiential education pedagogy. And the results are nothing short of amazing. We, together, are truly making a difference.

What excites me most about CCSBE’s future? I am buoyed by the building excitement around the potential for the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (CCSBE) to play an important role in the Canadian landscape. CCSBE is the only member-based organization in Canada whose goal is to promote and advance the development of small business and entrepreneurship. CCSBE is in a position to play a key role in providing a collaborative platform for the exchange of ideas, research and best practices among academics, practitioners and policy influencers for the benefit of Canadian small business and entrepreneurship. CCSBE is well positioned to be a convening voice.

We are also excited about our Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States Association of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), CCSBE’s sister organization in the United States. This MOU lays out a mutually beneficial plan to cross-promote each organization, share best practices, build our membership base, and work together to find common means of member engagement outside of our annual conferences.

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