Welcome to the November 2015 edition of the Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship Newsletter. We publish this newsletter quarterly to keep CCSBE members updated on the organization’s activities.
Bienvenue dans l’édition de octobre 2015 du bulletin de nouvelles du Conseil canadien de la PME et de l’entrepreneuriat que nous publions pour informer nos membres des activités de l’organisation.

Dear Members,

In May, during the 2015 CCSBE Conference in Edmonton, we welcomed a new board of directors to CCSBE. Throughout the summer we have been connecting, collaborating, and setting new goals for the strategic direction of the organization. Our number one priority is to increase the visibility of CCSBE.

We should be known as a key resource for applied research, best practices and relevant networking opportunities. With members from all pillars across the country – educators, researchers, academics, consultants practitioners, and policy makers – we have the opportunity to be the go-to organization for catalyzing Canadian Small Business & Entrepreneurship. To reach this goal we need to engage.
We want to engage partners – not only with local institutions and organizations, but using our network within the International Council for Small Business (ICSB), we want to share Canada’s successes, best practices and rising trends with the rest of the world. This will not only provide more exposure to showcase the amazing successes coming out of the country, but it will also allow us to bring new ideas to the fore.

Finally, we want to increase community engagement. Our dedicated members are our network into the industry. Moving forward I encourage you to engage with us — share your accomplishments, reach out for solutions to your challenges, and connect with fellow members. Together we can build momentum for Canadians SMEs and entrepreneurs.

I look forward to working with you over the next two years,

Dr. Geoff Archer
President, CCSBE

Chers membres,

Lors de la conférence du Conseil Canadien pour les PME et l’Entrepreneuriat (CCSBE) qui s’est tenue à Edmonton en mai 2015, nous avons rencontré le nouveau Conseil d’Administration avec qui nous avons eu, par la suite, des échanges constants tout au long de l’été. Nous avons ainsi convenu de nous fixer de nouveaux objectifs qui devront tourner autour d’une priorité stratégique: augmenter la visibilité de notre organisation.

Nous voulons apparaître comme une ressource importante en matière de recherche appliquée, de meilleures pratiques et d’opportunités de réseautage. Grâce aux différents domaines d’expertise des membres de notre réseau (enseignants, chercheurs, universitaires, conseillers et décideurs), nous pouvons devenir une organisation incontournable, capable de dynamiser les PME et de renforcer l’entrepreneuriat au Canada. Pour atteindre cet objectif nous devons agir.

Pour ce faire, nous voulons non seulement développer des partenariats avec les entreprises et les organismes locaux, mais aussi nous impliquer au sein du Conseil International pour les PME (ICSB) et, partager nos succès et nos meilleures pratiques avec le reste du monde. Cette démarche contribuera au rayonnement national et international de notre organisation et permettra également de faire connaître nos pratiques innovantes.

Enfin, nous voulons renforcer votre engagement. Vous êtes nos dignes représentants dans le secteur des PME et de l’Entrepreneuriat. Pour aller de l’avant,  je vous encourage à agir avec nous, à partager vos réalisations. Je souhaite aussi trouver avec vous des solutions à vos défis et élargir notre réseau. Ensemble, nous pouvons susciter chez les canadiens et les canadiennes un intérêt pour les PME et l’Entrepreneuriat. J’espère vivement pouvoir travailler avec vous au cours des deux prochaines années.

Dr. Geoff Archer
President, CCSBE

CCSBE 2016 Call for Papers

downloadThe University of Guelph, the College of Business and Economics and the Centre for Business and Student Enterprise (CBaSE) look forward to hosting the upcoming CCSBE 2016 conference from May 25-27, 2015 in Guelph, Ontario.

The University of Guelph’s business school’s vision is to create Leaders for a Sustainable World, an extension of that would be to enforce business as a force for good. At Guelph, we believe it is our social responsibility to properly prepare our graduates to be active, engaged and contributing members of society. Entrepreneurialism plays a key role in that it helps to better our students whether they are building their own business, or helping someone else build theirs.

Our approach for this conference will be utilizing innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to navigating the continuum between traditional and social business practices along with curricular and co-curricular programming to meet multiple stakeholder needs across research, practice and policy platforms. Possible tracks within streams include:

  • Enterprise education
  • Gender and Enterprise
  • Rural Enterprise
  • Social, Environmental and Ethical Enterprise
  • International Entrepreneurship
  • Business creation and innovation

Key Dates
Submissions Due: Feb. 5th
Notification of Acceptance: Feb. 26th
100-word Program Summary Due: Mar. 11th
Full Paper or Extended Abstract Due: Apr. 15th

CCSBE 2016 Call for Papers

JSBE Call for Papers

Special Issue: Entrepreneurship in the Informal Sector: institutional perspectives

Guest Editors:
Colin C. Williams, University of Sheffield, UK
Marijana Baric, University of Buckingham, UK

The informal sector refers to activities that are lawful in nature but not declared to the public authorities and thus are fully or partially outside of formal government regulation, taxation, and observation. In recent years, there has been growing recognition that many entrepreneurs operate wholly or partially in the informal sector. This tendency of entrepreneurs to operate in the informal sector is applicable not only in developing countries but also in transition economies as well as western developed nations.

This special issue seeks to explore entrepreneurship in the informal sector from a range of institutional perspectives. Economic relations and institutions are shaped within – and thus are an integral part of – the surrounding political, social and cultural context. As such, informal sector entrepreneurship has to be understood within the broader political, social and cultural context of the places in which it is found.

Submission instructions
The deadline for the submission of papers is 15th January 2016.
Enquiries regarding this special issue can be addressed to: Marijana Baric (marijana.baric@buckingham.ac.uk) or Colin C. Williams (C.C.Williams@sheffield.ac.uk).

Submit Online

Canadian Survey for Entrepreneurship Education

The Canadian Survey for Entrepreneurship Education is a collaboration between Industry Canada and The George Washington University Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence and aims to collect information on entrepreneurship education trends across Canada.

Participating in this survey will allow your institution to be a part of a national report that explores best practices and trends in the field such as the pedagogies employed, topics offered, course offerings and articulation strategies being adopted. The final report will provide a referent point to compare your school’s activities and examine current teaching and delivery methods to enhance student outcomes.
Email Maureen Joudrey @ mjoudrey@gwu.edu with questions or for more information.

Complete the survey today!

2016 USASBE Conference

USASBEOur American counterparts, the United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship (USASBE), will be hosting their
annual conference from January 8-9, 2016 in San Diego, California. 

This year’s event promises to be the best ever. The theme is Action Sports. Biotech. Wireless. Craft Beer and will feature  excellent sessions, social events, networking opportunities and a few surprises.

Visit the USASBE 2016 Online

Contact CCSBE