Message from the President 

Friends and colleagues;

It was May a minute ago. How fast the summer goes if you don’t stop to pay attention and enjoy each sunlit moment. For those members who have the joy of a long and languid summer holiday, we can only look on with envy. Some of us are at our office windows peering longingly at the grass growing greener and hearing the sound of birdsong only in the distance.

But we are very productive in your absence! We are using ‘quiet’ time to organize desks and thoughts, strategize next steps and write extraordinary copy for curricula, research, articles, proposals and programs. Our Board members, for example, show up for June, July and August meetings, take on committee work, further our work on projects and support the continued functioning of the organization in many ways. We owe our volunteers many thanks for the work they do, rain or shine, summer or winter.

Come September, we will have lots of news for you on how our activities are panning out, what new value is being developed for members and in what wonderful place our 2015 conference will be held. These are all works in progress even as summer moves inexorably towards fall but stay tuned for updates. We look forward to sharing them with you!

May you always have sunny days.


Sandra Altner

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JR Shaw School of Business is continuing the process in expanding its emphasis of entrepreneurship in its degree program. All day focus groups have been held with industry representatives (including notable entrepreneurs, accelerator representatives, and interested government officers) and instructors; program outcomes established; and course outcomes identified. The next steps will be course identification and development. September 2015 is the target date for the new courses. 

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