1.0 Introduction

The Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship – Conseil Canadien de la PME et de l’entrepreneuriat (CCSBE/CCPME) is part of a global network of over 4,000 people dedicated to the advancement and development of small business and entrepreneurship.

Its annual conference brings together some of the best of Canada’s practitioners, academics, researchers, and public policy advocates in support of entrepreneurship. Those who attend the conference are not homogenous in job responsibilities, education or experience. What brings them together is a desire to support the objectives of the CCSBE/CCPME; to further the effectiveness of the business owner; and the development of small business enterprises. Hosting this conference would provide your institution with broad visibility and a guaranteed audience of entrepreneurship specialists.

The goal of each CCSBE/CCPME annual conference must be to provide each attendee an opportunity to participate in and share experiences, not only in providing insights for small business development, but also in contributing to the participant’s own growth and development. The conference platform “of promoting and advancing the development of small business and entrepreneurship through research, education and training, networking and dissemination of scholarly & policy-oriented information” should be adhered to.

Hosting the annual CCSBE/CCPME conference provides considerable nation-wide benefits to the host organization. Besides developing research and practitioner collaboration to your institution, sponsoring the annual CCSBE/CCPME conference presents an opportunity to leverage media and provide exposure to your institutional commitment regarding management education and entrepreneurship. Previous host institutions include some of Canada’s finest Universities. CCSBE/CCPME can help put your program “on the map” both in Canada, and world-wide, through our affiliation with the International Council for Small Business.

2.0 Eligibility

Any Canadian University, College or Organization that is corporate member of CCSBE/CCPME or whose members are regular members of CCSBE/CCPME has, as one of its benefits, the opportunity to host the CCSBE/CCPME Annual Conference. Hosting offers the University, College or Organization, also hereafter called “hosting institution”, the opportunity to expand and enhance entrepreneurial knowledge and networks, publicize national linkages, expand its own entrepreneurial spirit in the surrounding region and generate a revenue surplus for its own treasury. Each CCSBE/CCPME Annual Conference should accomplish these objectives as well as meet the broader objectives of CCSBE/CCPME.

3.0 Requirements

Those responsible for the success of the conference must insure that the event and all activities of the conference support and enhance the goals and objectives established for a CCSBE/CCPME Annual Conference.

The CCSBE/CCPME Annual Conference will serve as a meeting place for people working and/or researching in the field of small business management and entrepreneurship. The conference will bring together participants from all Canadian provinces and territories and many regions of the world, all with a desire to support the goals and objectives of the CCSBE/CCPME.

The conference will meet our strategic objective of promoting and advancing the development of small business and entrepreneurship through research, education and training, networking and dissemination of scholarly & policy-oriented information.

The following are key requirements.

  1. All hosting institutions are required to ensure that at least one permanent member of the host institution’s conference-organizing committee attend the previous CCSBE/CCPME conference.
  2. All conference deadlines must be met, as specified in the manual.

  3. All conference service requirements must be met, as described in the manual.

    4. The hosting organization agrees to pay to CCSBE/CCPME a fee of $5,000 and to share, in equal proportion, any revenues associated with the conference that exceed the conference costs by more than $10,000. (i.e.: Profits between 0 and $10,000 are kept by the hosting organization and would cover the $5,000 fee to CCSBE/CCPME. Profits over $10,000 would be shared equally by the two organizations).

    5. CCSBE/CCPME secretariat will handle conference registrations on a fee-for-service basis.

    A copy of the CCSBE/CCPME Conference Manual is available on request

4.0 Call for CCSBE/CCPME Annual Conference Proposal

The CCSBE/CCPME is seeking proposals for the 2019 and 2020 Annual Conferences. The timing for the conference is May. Proposals must be submitted to the CCSBE/CCPME Secretariat by Friday, January 26, 2017. The proposals will be reviewed by an evaluation committee and the VP of Programmes. Recommendations will be made to the CCSBE/CCPME Board of Directors for decision.

Please submit your proposal to:

CCSBE Secretariat / Secrétariat de CCPME,

Canadian Council for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Conseil Canadien De La PME Et De L’Entrepreneuriat, Secretariat Office
Attention: Ding Fan, CCSBE Secretariat

Norman Newman Centre for Entrepreneurship (NNCE) Dalhousie University,
Suite 5063, 5th Floor, Kenneth Rowe Management Building 6100 University Avenue

Halifax, NS, Canada, B3H 4R2

Email: Ding.Fan@dal.ca Web: www.ccsbe.org

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