The George Washington University Center for Entrepreneurial Excellence and Industry Canada invite you to participate in the 2015 Canadian Survey for Entrepreneurship Education.

This survey is part of a research initiative that was created in 1979 and used in the United States to collect information on entrepreneurship education trends across the country. More on the U.S. survey can be found at

For the first time, we are distributing the survey in Canada to measure best practices and trends in the field.

Your participation will allow you to contribute in expanding the knowledge of entrepreneurship education, the pedagogies employed, topics offered, course offerings and articulation strategies being adopted. The final report will provide a referent point to compare your school’s activities and examine current teaching and delivery methods to enhance student outcomes.

Please click here to complete the survey

We ask that you take the time to (1) complete the survey and (2) distribute it to appropriate individuals within your network.

We appreciate your participation in this important project.
Please direct any inquiries to Maureen Joudrey –