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One of the objectives of CCSBE is to provide resources to our members that disseminate and encourage research and best practices in the field of small business and entrepreneurship. Through these resources, our goal is to assist in the knowledge transfer across Canada and internationally.
CCSBE Newsletter

CCSBE Newsletter

Our newsletters update members on the activities of the organization and share current information, research and best practices from around the country.

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Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship (JSBE)

The Journal of Small Business and Entrepreneurship is interested in research that pushes the boundaries of current entrepreneurial thought – theoretical pieces, qualitative and quantitative empirical work, and/or case studies. As a CCSBE member, you will receive access to all electronic versions of JSBE.

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One of the ways of obtaining the latest research is through our annual conferences. We have posted abstracts from CCSBE conferences since 2002 for you to search by keywords. Please note: full papers can only be read by CCSBE Members.

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Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise and Entrepreneur Review (SMEE Review)

As a member of CCSBE, you will receive 1-2 copies of SMEE each year – a journal that translates academic research into the world of practice.

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Canadian Online Resources

Working with our Regional Directors, CCSBE is constantly identifying resources from across the country that we think will benefit our membership. If you have any resources that you think should be added to our list, email your suggestion to the Secretariat to have them included on the list.

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International ICSB Resources

As a member of CCSBE, you receive access to resources from our umbrella organization, The International Council for Small Business. Benefits include access to the Journal of Small Business Management, ICSB blog – The Latest, online events calendar, social media accounts for promotion, ICSB Women’s Entrepreneurship Committee (WEC) and international program portfolio.

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